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We are a Swedish IT company creating cloud-based solutions
for problems that matter


We are innovators and entrepreneurs, developers and geeks who strive to create solutions that makes an positive impact 

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Let's secure EU

Realizing that the global shortage of security professionals puts many business and organisations at risk due to the increase of cyber attacks.

We decided to create a cloud based solution that uses analytics and scoring cards to help pinpointing where to focus the security effort. Recurrent actionable reports on how to implement industry best practices and recommendations regarding External Attack Surface Management (EASM) setting from leading vendors such as Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

Our reports go beyond simply outlining what steps you should take. They also encompass guidance on how to enhance security throughout your supply chain. By addressing not only your organization's security but also that of your suppliers.


Located within EU

Our servers are located within the EU (Sweden)

Open Source Fans

We build our software on the shoulders of giants, our main tool-box are from the Python ecosystem with a sprinkle of Flutter &  Tensorflow from Google.

Partnership and relations

We believe in a few solid partnerships when it comes to sales and marketing. Quality beats quantity for us.

Do something good

The goal is to create a solution that does something good for the society, for example to get a more secure internet presence.

About Us

Jörgen Olofsson

Experience in cyber-security and internet related services. AI nerd and entrepreneur by heart.

Mattias Nilsson

Entrepreneur with a strong belief in growing your inner self and methods for longevity. Experienced in leadership, product management and b2b relations

Anders Lindehall

Entrepreneur with a long background in international sales and strategic partnerships, values spending time in nature and advocates for a harmonious work-life balance